17th October 2001




The University of Lincoln has bucked the national trend by meeting tough recruitment targets for the first time in seven years.


The government has set ambitious recruitment targets for UK universities as it seeks to attract 50 per cent of young people into higher education.


While most universities have struggled to fill their places for September 2001, Lincoln has turned round its recent recruitment problems and has filled all its undergraduate places for this academic year.


The university began a strategic review a year ago to address the problem of falling student numbers. The aim of the plan, which entailed a change of name and a shift of focus from Hull to Lincoln, was to recruit back to target by 2003.


“The fact that we have met our target two years ahead of schedule is fantastic news which demonstrates that the work we’ve been doing is already beginning to pay off,” commented spokesman Jez Ashberry.


Universities are given a Maximum Aggregate Student Number (MASN) by the funding council – effectively a target which they are expected to meet each year.


This year the University of Lincoln received 10,852 applications for 2,147 first-year on-campus full time undergraduate places – over five students to every place available.


A league table in the Sunday Times in September placed Lincoln fifth out of all UK universities for increased applications from prospective students.


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