4th October 2001




A university academic is to give a talk to fellow experts about hair analysis, the forensic technique used to convict serial killer Harold Shipman.


Gail Cooper, a forensic toxicologist and lecturer at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, will give a presentation entitled ‘Hairs to the Future’ at a conference organised by the UK Forensic Toxicology Forum.


The ‘Opiates and Opioids’ conference to be held in Edinburgh on 19th and 20th October will shed light on these drugs and how they manifest themselves in hair and other parts of the body.


“This is the only group of its kind in the UK,” said Ms Cooper, who joined the university in September. “The aim of the conference is to improve knowledge in the area of opiates and opioids and their analysis.


“My presentation will deal with their analysis in hair - a relatively new subject which is becoming more useful and which raised its profile in the Harold Shipman case.”


All those at the conference will be forensic toxicologists working in industry. Although Gail has been part of the forum having worked in industry, she will be the first university academic to give a presentation to the group.


For further information about the UK Forensic Toxicology Forum contact Gail Cooper on 01522 886789 or email gcooper@lincoln.ac.uk.


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