12th October 2001




Hull-based academics have won the contract to train up the personal advisers employed by Connexions in Humberside, Lincolnshire and Rutland.


The Department of Applied Social Science and Social Work at the University of Lincoln on Cottingham Road is running a new course leading to a Diploma for Connexions Personal Advisers.


Already 23 students have enrolled on the programme, which will attract up to 100 new part-time students to the university once it is established. The diploma is the nationally recognised and recommend qualification for Connexions personal advisers.


Connexions is the major thrust of the government’s strategy for tackling social exclusion among young people. It aims to bring together schools, colleges, careers services social and youth services as well as parents and other concerned to ensure that all young people get the services they need to grow up as healthy and well educated adults.


The programme aims to provide a service to every 13 to 19-year-old. Young people who have difficulties at home, school and beyond will be provided with a personal adviser who will help them to make decisions about their future life and careers..


“It’s a universal service targeted at 13 to 19-year-olds intended to be a joined up response to the problems that young people experience in the transition from youth to adulthood,” said David Crimmens, who will be co-ordinating the course.


Connexions started work in Lincolnshire and Rutland in April this year while the Humberside organisation opened its doors last month.


The university is also offering a ten-day pilot programme ‘Understanding Connexions’ for managers and others who are interested in becoming actively involved in the development of Connexions.


Note: The university’s Department of Applied Social Science and Social Work will be relaunched next year as the Hull School of Health and Social Care based at the city centre campus.


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