25th October 2001




Two rare breed foals born at the Caythorpe campus of the University of Lincoln will be the first to carry the new name of the university.


The Cleveland Bay foals, which were born in April and September at the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture, were the first to be bred from start to finish at Caythorpe.


Until now horses bred at Caythorpe have carried a De Montfort prefix, as the school was part of De Montfort University until this September.


But these new foals will be the first to bear the prefix ‘Lindon’ in their name.


“We’re just about to name them and register them with the breed,” said Dr Mark Curry, a senior lecturer in Equine Science at the University of Lincoln. “We’ve applied for a new prefix which is Lindon, as unfortunately Lincoln is not available.”


The university’s first two foals will be named Lindon Principal and Lindon Scholar.


“We’ve been breeding Cleveland Bay horses for three years in partnership with the Cleveland Bay Breed Society,” said Dr Curry. “It’s one of the rarest breeds in the UK, a category one rare breed with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, which means there are fewer than 200 breeding females in the country. About 30 foals are born each year.


“We use the breeding programme to teach students about equine reproduction, breeding management, stud management and management of small populations, and because the breed is at risk we’re also helping to increase the numbers.”


Traditionally the Cleveland Bay was used as a light draught horse, and the breed is still used today by the royal family. The Queen is a Cleveland Bay breeder herself.


“The new prefix reflects the fact that we’re now part of the University of Lincoln, and from now on all the foals we produce will carry that prefix,” said Dr Curry.



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