22nd October 2001




Eight short films produced for the Year of the Artist and part-funded by the University of Lincoln will be on show at the Usher Gallery from this weekend.


The ‘DV Miniatures’ produced by Andy Mckay, a lecturer in Media Production at the university, will be screened as part of a Year of the Artist celebratory exhibition entitled ‘Breaking the Barriers’ which will run from 27th October until the end of December.


The eight films of the ‘DV Miniatures’ series are also enjoying success at a range of film festivals both in the UK and abroad. Three of the films which will be shown at the Birmingham Film and Television Festival have also been nominated for the BBC Birmingham short film award which will be adjudicated at the festival.


The project includes the work of 16 artists and film-makers covering a range of art forms including dance, visual and performance arts, sculpture and poetry.


“A condition of the project was that each artist had to work with a film-maker to generate a new piece of work which somehow stemmed from an examination of the practice of each, working in a kind of symbiotic relationship,” said Mr Mckay.


The films have been or will be screened at the following events:


Birmingham Film and Television Festival, November 2001

KINO Film Festival Manchester, October 2001

Raindance Film Festival London, October 2001

Wieterstadt Film Fest, Germany, August 2001

Dance on Screen 2001, The Place, London, October 2001

Telluride International Experimental Festival, Germany, October 2001

Frankfurt Film Festival, August 2001

Dance Northwest, Manchester, May 2001

Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, March 2001

Play Festival, Wellingborough, June 2001



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