28th September 2001




Britain’s leading expert on the E.coli bacterium is to give a lecture on the subject at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside next week.


Professor Hugh Pennington, who chaired the enquiry into the 1996 E coli outbreak in Scotland, will talk at the university’s Lincoln campus on Tuesday 2nd October.


His lecture, entitled ‘Food Borne Pathogens: Pearl Harbor and E.coli 0157’, will take place in the Cargill lecture theatre at 7pm.


Since 1979 Prof Pennington has occupied the Chair of Bacteriology at Aberdeen University, where his research has focused on the development of new and improved typing methods for bacteria including the organisms that cause meningitis, streptococci (the flesh-eating bug), campylobacter and E.coli 0157.


He was formerly Dean of the Medical School at Aberdeen and is currently a member of the Scottish Food Advisory Committee of the Food Standards Agency.


Admission to the lecture is free of charge. For more details contact Emma Godsall on 01522 886286.


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