26th September 2001




The University of Lincolnshire & Humberside is holding a one-day symposium on Europe and Citizenship for teachers next month.


Citizenship education is now part of the national curriculum and will be a compulsory subject from September 2002 in secondary schools.


The symposium, to be held at the Lincoln campus on Friday 12th October, will investigate European issues and is aimed at teachers required to teach citizenship in schools.


Key speakers will include Bill Newton-Dunn MEP, international relations expert Dr Youcef Boundel, social policy academic Dr Jacqueline Briggs, and Professor Ian Barnes, Head of Tourism at ULH.


“We will be asking what we should teach children about the European Union and discussing issues such as asylum seekers, common defence policy and the Euro,” said Prof Barnes.


“The symposium provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to debate the notion of citizenship in an informal environment,” commented university spokesman Caroline Hardiman.


It will take place from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at the Lincoln campus. For further information contact Emma Godsall on 01522 886286.


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For more information contact: Jez Ashberry,

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