8th August 2001




Elizabethan traditions and modern technology came together when Lincoln’s early music specialist Dante Ferrara recorded his latest CD album at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


‘Rosasolis’, a collection of 33 Elizabethan songs and instrumentals, is now being pressed and packaged and should be ready for release in October.


The contrast between Dante’s 16th-century instruments and the 21st-century technology of the university’s multi-track recording studio was marked – but the results are impressive according to Steve Kirkby, learning adviser in the Media Production Centre at ULH.


“The recording took almost two months –  about a week’s studio time in total – and it’s of extremely high quality,” said Steve, who worked as studio engineer on the recording. “Dante was seriously happy with the result.”


The traditional English songs and instrumentals were played by Dante on the orpharion, the cittern (both related to the lute) and the hurdy-gurdy.


Dante Ferrara has been a professional musician since 1984 but he became involved in Elizabethan music entirely by accident. “The first instrument I played was the mandolin, and in the 1970s I played the folk music circuit, but I was getting more and more bored with it,” he said. “Then a friend of mine introduced me to the lute and I became fascinated with music of the Elizabethan period.


“A couple of years ago the student radio station [Siren FM] asked me to go in and talk on air about some of the unusual instruments I play. That was when I met Steve Kirkby, who said I should always bear the university in mind if I ever want the use of a recording studio.”


The 24-track fully digital studio is available for hire by amateur and professional artists, though studio time is limited during semester time. “Rates are negotiable, but they’re comparable with other commercial recording studios,” says Steve. “It’s a great opportunity because as far as I’m aware there’s only one other recording studio in Lincoln.”


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