1 August 2001




Hull Museum and Exhibition Design graduate Daniel Savage is working on a groundbreaking exhibition soon to open at the newly built Imperial War Museum North.


Daniel, 24, who works for London-based firm Event Communications, is helping to produce three modern slide shows entitled ‘Why war?’, ‘Children and war’ and ‘Weapons and war’.


“A series of 72 slide projectors will cover every inch of the gallery’s walls and floor so that visitors will be fully immersed in the exhibition,” said Daniel, who studied at the Hull School of Architecture from 1996 to 1998.


“The show should be an exciting mix of visual images and sounds taken from major and minor wars of the 20th century,” he added.


The slide projectors will be part of a programme set to launch the opening of the £28.5 million museum being built on the bank of the Manchester Ship Canal.


This innovative war exhibition will be the first of its kind in the UK and Daniel commented: “During my degree at Hull I was encouraged to be experimental in my approach to exhibition design which has led me to work on projects such as the Imperial War Museum.” 


The museum is the first branch outside the south-east of England and was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind.  It is due to open in May 2002.



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