10th July 2001




A student who couldn’t speak a word of Spanish before going to university but has now secured a teaching job in Paraguay is to graduate in Lincoln next week.


Thanks to his new-found language skills, Tim Skinner (23) from Evesham in Worcestershire, has been awarded the position by the British Council. He will graduate at Lincoln Cathedral on Thursday 17th July with a degree in European Tourism - just a month before he heads out to Paraguay.


Tim was encouraged to apply to the British Council by lecturer Andy Daglish, who quickly recognised his Spanish skills. “When he joined the university Tim had no experience of Spanish,” said Andy. “I suggested that he take an ab initio course and then he studied at degree level.”


His British Council interview included demonstrating his Spanish speaking skills which he had perfected in a four-month stay in Spain during his degree.


Tim is still surprised by the news: “So many people apply to work abroad for the British Council - I couldn’t believe it when I heard that I’d been offered the position!


“I didn’t think I’d even get to university,” he added. “I applied through clearing and I’m pleased that it has given me the chance to work abroad.”


Tim heads off to Paraguay in August and will be working at the British Council for 12 months – though as yet he is unsure exactly where he will be based.


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