30th July 2001




A former kitchen worker from Skipsea who decided that an education could change her life has landed a job as a researcher on the media industry journal Screen Digest.


Susan Blow (33) left cooking and washing up behind when she enrolled on a degree in Human Resource Management and Information Technology at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


Last week she took time off from her new job in London to join her fellow students graduating at Hull City Hall.


“When I started studying again I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career,” said Susan. “I just knew I was fed up of washing up for a living!


“After finishing an HND at Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough I realised I had an interest in people management and computers, so I enrolled on a degree at ULH in Hull which involved both those areas.


“When I came to write my dissertation my tutors told me to pick something I was interested in, and apart from studying I spent most of my time watching films, so I wrote about digital cinema – recording films on a hard drive rather than on film.


“Then Screen Digest - the number one research journal for digital cinema - hired me after reading my dissertation, and I started work as a researcher in June.”


Susan predicts that digital cinema will take off in the future even though at present use of digital technology in the movie industry is limited. “The quality of the projection of digital films onto the big screen is as good as conventional film, and digital doesn’t degrade so there are no pops, scratches or fading and the film can’t break,” she explained.


“The main stumbling block is that there isn’t an industry standard yet and so the main players are not willing to invest in the technology.”


Human Resource Management and Information Technology are both taught at the Cottingham Road campus of ULH.


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