27th July 2001




A new book written by a Lincoln academic will be the first in ten years to tackle the subject of support staff in schools.


‘Working with Support Staff’ by Prof Trevor Kerry of the International Institute for Educational Leadership (part of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside) is due to be published next month.


“With emphasis moving away from teachers and teaching and towards learners and learning, the role of staff within schools is changing,” says Prof Kerry.


“My new book asks how schools can manage the work of their support staff and develop their future role.”


‘Working with Support Staff’ examines the many and varied roles, paid and unpaid, which support student learning in schools.


Using case studies, the book examines the developing role of support staff, offers international perspectives and looks at how schools can manage the work of support staff to maximise their contribution to student learning.


‘Working with Support Staff’ by Prof Trevor Kerry is published in August 2001 by Pearson Education (RRP £18.99). For more information contact Pearson Education on 01279 623333 or email customer.orders@pearsoned-ema.com


The book is part of the Pearson Education’s School Leadership & Management series.


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