13th July 2001




A mother of three will graduate with a first class honours degree in Lincoln next week (17th July) after an access course led to a place at university.


Fiona Edwards (44), who lives in North Hykeham, took the decision four years ago to go back into education after a break 25 years. She had taken her O levels and then travelled a result of her family’s RAF background.


After working as a cleaner, she was persuaded to go back to college by her children who knew she was clever enough.  She studied an access course at North Lincolnshire College and then joined the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside a year later after successfully achieving 22 points.


Her family are thrilled with her success, especially her daughter of 19 who is currently studying an International Relations degree at the university. She also has two sons of 14 and 12, one of whom is a pupil at Robert Pattinson School.


However it wasn’t all easy. Fiona leaves university with £13,000 debt. But she doesn’t regret a minute of it. “It was hard work going back into education especially the finance situation, but it was the price I had to pay.”


Fiona’s confidence has improved immensely. “ I did my degree because people said I could - not because I believed that I could. I had no confidence whatsoever in my myself or my abilities,” she said.


“The tutors and the students were so supportive that my confidence improved. I soon adopted the whole student experience – even down to having my tongue pierced - despite the students still referring to me as ‘Mum’ in our seminars!”


Fiona is due to graduate with first class honours degree in Criminology and Social Policy at Lincoln Cathedral on 17th July at 11:30am and has been nominated by the university to give the vote of thanks on behalf of the students.


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