16 July 2001




A university student who married an American exchange student last year after meeting by chance on the first day of term is about to graduate this week.


Dan Merriman, from Conisbrough, Doncaster, will graduate with a degree in Media Production this week on Thursday 19th July. 


He tied the knot with art education student Liz Czarnuszewicz from Millersville University, Pennsylvania, who came to study in Lincoln for a term in spring 2000.  


The two hit it off when they met at a party at the beginning of last year and married almost 12 months later, on December 29th at a register office in Doncaster. 


“The weather was bright and sunny with only a hint of snow on the ground and after the ceremony we held a reception at Conisbrough,” said Liz.


Dan is currently seeking employment and Liz has yet to finish her course in America.  Liz enjoyed studying in Lincoln and said: “The equipment and facilities compare very favourably with the leading universities in the UK.”



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