25 July 2001




A university fundraiser is ready to present a substantial cheque for more than £4,000 to two charities.


Allison Cooper, a production editor at the University of Lincoln on Cottingham Road, has raised the sum of £4,110 which will be divided equally between Tommy’s Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.


Allison collected a grand total of £3,435 for her run in the Flora London Marathon in April and raised a further £675 when her signed Liverpool strip went under the hammer on the university website.


“I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the level of support I have received from friends, family and colleagues,” said Allison.


“The thought of raising £2,000 really kept me going on the day of the marathon, but afterwards the total just kept on increasing,” she added.


Allison has kept in touch with both charities throughout her fundraising and said: “They were both delighted and ensured the money would be put to good use.”


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