7th June 2001




More than 70 Hull companies have taken advantage of a new subsidised scheme to provide business training to SMEs in the region.


Over 200 employees have signed up for short courses in marketing, people management, strategic management and the Internet thanks to a ground-breaking partnership between academia and the commercial sector.


The Flexible Learning Programmes are delivered by tutors from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside in collaboration with the Hull-based Business Development Unit and the Triom Training Centre in Hessle, where most of the teaching takes place.


SMEs can enrol their employees on the courses at greatly subsidised rates – the 20- hour of strategic management course costs £95 per delegate, for example, while Mastering the Internet costs £65 per delegate for five two-and-a-half-hour sessions.


“Through these programmes we offer flexible learning which does not adhere rigidly to what we run on campus,” said Dr Don White of the university’s Faculty of Business and Management. “They’re specifically tailored to people who are unable to study full-time or part-time in the traditional way.


“There’s definitely a demand for similar flexible programmes suited to the particular needs of people in work,” Dr White added. “Many full-time employees form a particular client group who don’t want to sign up for a long part-time degree, but they do want to do some study to enhance their skills.”


Programmes are normally delivered in the evenings at the Triom Training Centre in Hessle, though some courses have been held in Goole and Scunthorpe too.


“We’re pleased to be able to develop and deliver high-level management training that is relevant to the real needs of local businesses,” said Victoria Twidle of the Business Development Unit. “The content, duration, timing, delivery style and assessment of these programmes were specifically designed to meet the needs of busy local business people.”


The Flexible Learning Programmes are funded by the European Social Fund through the ELLEN (Extended Lifelong Learning Environment Network) project.


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Serena Hurst, a print finisher and sales representative with the Jadan Print Group in Hull, has been attending the Marketing Your Business programme and has been surprised by how much there is to learn.


“I’ve never really done anything like this course before but I’ve really enjoyed it,” she says. “I was asked by my employers to look into a new business opportunity, and I needed to get an insight into the marketing side of things, so that’s why I started the programme.


“I didn’t realise there was so much involved before this course. I used to think just about the advertising side, but now I can look at the whole marketing strategy. I’ve found the course really interesting and I would recommend it to others like me.”



Paula Elton, office manager at Hull-based chartered accountants Haines Flowers, says the Mastering the Internet course she is currently studying is very helpful.


“It’s more useful for people with no experience than for someone like me who’s been using the Internet for a few years, but the course went through everything step by step, which was very helpful,” she says.


“I’m not a beginner but a lot of people on the course are new to the Internet, and I think they’re finding it particularly useful.”



Andrew Tucker, a commercial director at Quibell Construction Group in Hull, is currently studying the Marketing Your Business programme.


“I’ve found the course to be of a very high standard – the presentation is good and the tutors are excellent,” he says.


“I’ve been on a lot of courses at colleges and universities and generally this one is very good.”


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