25th May 2001




A ground-breaking new degree aimed at those working in the tourism industry in Lincolnshire is to be launched at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


The work-based learning degree in Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality is aimed both at individuals in the tourism and leisure sector and at businesses looking for training for their employees.


A joint venture between the university and the Lincoln-based Hospitality and Tourism Training Regional Innovation Centre (HATTRIC), the degree will be a flexible mix of work-based and campus-based teaching.


“The leisure and tourism sector is a growing industry in this region and this new work-based learning degree is responding to demand,” commented Martin Pinnick, Reach Out Manager in the university’s Faculty of Social and Life Sciences.


Students who sign up for the degree can study at their own speed: highly motiviated students could complete one level within a year, but most students will vary the pace of study to take account of personal and professional commitments.


Course units include Information and Communication Technology, Tourism and Leisure Marketing, Applied IT in Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Applied Operations Management and Hospitality for Tourism.


“The work-based learning degree is a relatively new concept which integrates current work experience and formal study into one programme,” said Mr Pinnick. “Students can build on the expertise which they have gained in the workplace and through further study turn it into a qualification.


It will also be possible to to enrol in just one unit, such as Customer Care, and gain a university certificate for that unit. There will be credit for people for have already obtained certain qualifications or work achievements in hospitality, leisure or tourism.


“The course is designed to help people make the transition more seamlessly from a school or college education to a more demanding HE environment.”


To enrol contact Jon Audis on 01522 886395 or email jaudis@lincoln.ac.uk


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