3rd May 2001




Adult learners in Bransholme have been learning computer skills for the first time thanks to the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


ULH accredits the Step into IT course which has been running at the Garths Resource Centre in Bransholme.


Level one of the Step course covers word processing, spreadsheets, databases and the Internet for beginners and leads on to more advanced courses for those who pass.


Mother-of-four Gail Fraser (36) decided to enrol when she realised that even her five-year-old daughter was more proficient on a PC than she was!


ďBefore I went on the course I didnít even known how to turn a computer on, but all my kids are experts,Ē said Gail, of Ringstead Garth, Bransholme. ďIíve got four children and even my youngest daughter whoís five uses a computer at school. So I thought Iíd better learn a bit more about it.


ďIíve really enjoyed the course - some things Iíve found a bit hard to pick up, but Iíve learned a lot since I started.


ďAt the moment Iím not working but in the future the course might help me to get a job. If I pass Iím going to go on and do the more advanced Step course.Ē


The level one Step into IT course lasts seven weeks and involves seven three-hour lessons at the Garths Resource Centre on Monday evenings from 6pm until 9pm.


For details of how to enrol on the free course contact Ian Smelt on 07974 976032.


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