23rd May 2001




A Hull academic has earned a PhD for her research into women’s science fiction and the developing area of cultural study known as ‘cybertheory’.


Jenny Wolmark of the Hull School of Art & Design was awarded her doctorate for her published work spanning the fields of literature, film and cultural studies.


Her book ‘Aliens and Others’ explores the intersection between feminist theory, postmodernism and feminist science fiction, and she has also written on cyberpunk and the cyborg.


“Contemporary science fiction written by women has become increasingly influential, with the result that science fiction can no longer be thought of as a male dominated popular fiction genre about ‘heavy science’,” she argues.


“My work focuses on the interface between human and machine and the emergence of what might be described as the ‘posthuman’.”


Ms Wolmark’s work includes discussion of blockbuster SF films such as ‘Robocop’ and ‘Terminator’, as well as the cyberpunk novels of William Gibson, and she is the editor of ‘Cybersexualites: A Reader on Feminist Theory, Cyborgs and Cyberspace’.


She has just completed a book chapter which discusses this topic in the context of the recent SF films ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Gattaca’.


She also works in collaboration with the artist Eleanor Gates-Stuart, who recently left the Hull School of Art & Design to take up a post as head of the Australian Centre for Arts and Technology, to explore these issues in a digital or cyberspatial context.


She is currently completing a book chapter on feminist theory and cyberculture. She will receive her PhD at an awards ceremony at Hull City Hall in January 2002



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