2nd May 2001




Students at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside are breaking new ground by turning their student union into the UK’s first student-owned co-operative.


And their cunning plan is being supported by actor, presenter, children’s author and co-operative enthusiast Tony Robinson, who will bury a time capsule at the Lincoln campus next Friday (11th May) to launch the ULH Students’ Union Co-operative.


The incorporation of the Students’ Union as a co-op means 7,000 students in Lincoln and Hull will become owners and shareholders of the SU. Plans for the future include a student housing co-operative, telephone and power supplies, group insurance, a job shop and a credit union for students.


ULHSU President Verity Coyle is excited about the future. “It’s refreshing to see that ULH is once again leading the way and striving to become one of the foremost universities in the country,” she commented.


“This is showing in their dedication to student services and in their support for the Students’ Union in its bid to become the first student co-operative in the UK,” she added. “It’s a gamble, but one which I am sure will pay off.”


There will be photo and interview opportunities with Tony Robinson at approximately 11am and again at approximately 1.30pm on Friday 11th May.


“Mr Robinson is known for his support for co-operative principles and we are delighted that he has found the time to come to Lincoln to support our students in this very important step forward,” said university spokesman Jez Ashberry.


Tony Robinson is best remembered in the role of Baldrick in the BBC TV series ‘Blackadder’. He presents ‘Time Team’ on Channel 4, has acted and directed extensively in the theatre and has written 16 books for children.


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Contact Tony Robinson at Kate Feast Management (020 7586 5502)


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