26th April 2001




Eight short films produced for the Year of the Artist and part-funded by the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside will be shown in a special preview screening next week.


Following a screening at the Broadway Media Centre in Nottingham two weeks ago,

‘DV Miniatures’ will be shown in the Jackson Lecture Theatre on Monday 30th April at 4pm.


The project has been led by lecturer Andy McKay of the university’s Department of Media Production, which provided research funding for the films as part of  the Year of the Artist.


Before the eight three-minute films are shown the audience will be given a brief introduction to the ‘Miniatures’ project, and afterwards some of the film-makers will be on hand to answer questions.


“I first had the idea three years ago when I was Head of Media and Visual Arts at East Midlands Arts and attended the Arts Council Development Committee for the Year of the Artist,” said Mr McKay.


“A year later I left EMA to come to the university in Lincoln but pursued funding for the project and managed to raise around £ 45,000 and produce eight films. I chose the artists that I wanted to work with and spent a period of development with them during which I was quite closely involved with their ideas.”


The project includes the work of 16 artists and film-makers covering a range of art forms including dance, visual and performance arts, sculpture and poetry.


“A condition of the project was that each artist had to work with a film-maker to generate a new piece of work which somehow stemmed from an examination of the practice of each, working in a kind of symbiotic relationship,” Mr McKay explained


Among the film-makers are Lincoln-based artist Stewart Collinson and two former Media Production students - Kirsty Mitchell and John Ahern - who graduated from ULH last summer.


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