22nd March 2001




A visiting professor from the University of Western Sydney is to give two lectures to students and members of the public in Lincoln next month about the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.


Prof Des Crawley is currently director of the Centre for Digital Media at the University of Western Sydney and as a part of an academic exchange programme is a visiting professor in the university’s Department of Media Production.


The first lecture entitled ‘The Sydney 2000 Games: The Media, Sport and Nationalism’ will be held on Wednesday 4th April at 5pm in the university’s Cargill lecture theatre. The second lecture entitled ‘The Sydney 2000 Games: Money, Media and Meglomania’ is to be held on Wednesday 11th April in the Jackson lecture theatre.


“I am delighted to be the first professor from our university to teach this specialism over here,” commented Prof Crawley, whose areas of expertise are photography and digital media.


“It is also encouraging to find that this UK university has got to grips with the challenges we all face in higher education,” he added.


An exhibition of his work entitled ‘Epiphanies’ is now showing at the EICH (European Illustration Collection Gallery) in George Street, Hull.


For further information about the lectures please contact 01522 886042.


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