13th March 2001




Another Expressionist film in a season at Hull Screen is due to be shown on Thursday 15th March, in collaboration with Hull School of Art and Design


‘The Last Laugh’ (1924, dir: F W Murnau) is a film which touches the contemporary reality of Germany in the 1920s. It is based on a hotel concierge who is demoted from a position of stature to the ridiculed position of lavatory attendant. The film is symbolic of death and purgatory and the use of distorting lenses is expressive of the concierge’s fall.


The season, ‘From the Shadows - Expressionist Cinema in the Silent Era’, presents a rare opportunity to experience a broad range of films from a classic period which has inspired genres such as film noir.


 “Expressionist film uses a particular sense of visuality through the use of imaginative set and costume design, chiaroscuro lighting and stylised acting,” commented Rob Gawthrop, Head of Fine Art at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


“The advent of sound brought about a shift away from the visual and towards speech, but genres such as film noir, science fiction and horror owe everything to this era,” added Rob.


The screening will begin at 7.30pm on 15th March. For more details about the season contact Hull Screen in Albion Street on 01482 327600.


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