20th March 2001




Media students are in the final stages of designing a pioneering CD-ROM for the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside’s award-winning ‘Parents and Children Working Together project’ in Hull.


Final-year Media Technology students Verity Young, Angelo Tun, Toby Huggins and Laura Evison got together to fulfil a brief to provide media support for the project which aims to attract parents back into education.


The project which has attracted as many as 63 parents back into education is co-ordinated by the university’s Department of Social Sciences and Social Work and was awarded the New Learning Opportunities Award 2000 certificate.


The students have been really motivated by the project. “The great thing about our project is that we are working with a real client,” said Laura Evison. “This gives us a real challenge and a real purpose,” added Toby Huggins.


“We are due to graduate in a few months, so designing a CD-ROM to be used by the public will be a real boost to our CVs,” commented Verity Young.


The interactive CD-ROM will be showcased at a European conference in Ireland during July and includes footage of parents learning IT at various schools involved with the project and an interactive test to establish each parent’s preferred method of learning.


“Designing the CD-ROM has also been a learning experience,” said Angelo Tun. “It’s also good to be able to put into practice the skills we have learned on the degree course,” added Toby Huggins.


For further information about BSc (Hons) Media Technology contact Mal Williamson or John Hamlin on 01482 463376. For further information about ‘The Parents and Children Working Together Project’ contact Kay Jarvis 01482 464418.


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