7th February 2001 




A student from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside has had the experience of a lifetime working at Disney’s design company Imagineering in Paris.


Jane Pinna, a third-year Museum & Exhibition Design student at the Hull School of Architecture, applied to Disney last year for work experience and was thrilled when she was given the chance.


Jane, from Cornwall, spent seven weeks at Imagineering during November and December last year and was able to get involved with many different design projects. She was also given her very own project to re-design Disney’s railroads which she enjoyed.


"The experience was invaluable," said Jane (22). "The fact that I am able to say that I have worked for a brand name like Disney should give my design career a great start."


Jane was immersed into the Disney way of life from the beginning. She stayed in Disney accommodation with other students and improved her French speaking skills a great deal.


"The designers at Imagineering were delighted with Jane and wished that she could have stayed for longer," said Pam Locker, lecturer in Museum and Exhibition Design at the university. "They are looking to have another student next year which is fabulous news."


The Museum & Exhibition Design department of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside has an "unrivalled reputation for training designers in this, one of the most highly demanding of the creative professions," according to the magazine of the Chartered Society of Designers (June/ July 2000).


The magazine also said that "for more than half a century Kingston- upon-Hull has been home to one of the foremost courses in British design history."


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