23rd February 2001






Two members of staff at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside have recently been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.


Panos Mavromatis, Centre Manager for the Institute for Food Safety (IFOS) and Dr Peter Quantick, Faculty Director for Research in Social and Life Sciences, have both been accredited as programme tutors for the Institute’s Hazard Analysis Critical Central Points in Practice course (HACCP).


This advanced course deals with the implementation of safety management systems in food companies and is an important element of the university’s Continuing Professional Development programme in food microbiology and food hygiene.


Receiving the accreditation allows the tutors to deliver food safety courses within companies and as well as on campus.


“There are only 70 accredited tutors world-wide, so it is an excellent achievement to have two tutors within our faculty” said Peter.


Both members of staff are already accredited tutors of the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health in food hygiene and safety courses, which are operated through the Institute for food safety, so this is another  recognition of their expertise in this field.


There are also plans to establish a presence of IFOS overseas, initially in Greece.


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