11th January 2001




Gary Lineker has lent his support to plans by city language academics to promote the European Year of Languages on campus.


A languages conference, a season of Spanish films and a languages fun day to help A-level students to prepare for their oral exams are all in the pipeline


Languages are currently taught at ULH as part of degrees in the Faculty of Business & Management, but from September 2001 a new Spanish major will be taught at the Lincoln campus.


Gary Lineker – who is fluent in Spanish, Catalan and Japanese after his playing career took him to Barcelona and Nagoya Grampus 8 – expressed his support for the events in a letter to organisers.


“I fully support your initiative,” he wrote. “Learning other languages is a wonderful way of broadening one’s own horizons and of developing an empathy with different cultures.”


The languages department is also encouraging Lincolnshire businesses to tell the university about their language training needs.


“We are writing to companies and conducting a needs audit to find out what language training, if any, they require,” said lecturer Andy Daglish.


“We will be concentrating on teaching French, German and Spanish, either on campus or in the company itself. But if there are requests for other languages we’ll try our best to meet the demand.”


For more information about the language events or language training contact Andy Daglish on 01522 886344.


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