18th December 2000




A researcher at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside is looking into the health benefits of hazelnuts on behalf of a Turkish organisation which promotes the nut.


Dr Ceso Alasalvar of the Department of Biological and Food Sciences in Lincoln is working with Hacettepe University in Turkey on a £16,500 project bankrolled by the Turkish Hazelnut Promotion Group.


The aim of the project is to look at the nutritional composition and health benefits of hazelnut.


“This research takes food research into a new direction which links food composition with clinical studies on the health benefits of foods,” commented Dr Peter Quantick, director of research at the university’s Faculty of Social and Life Sciences.


Dr Alasalvar has been a research fellow in the department since 1998 and is currently working on an EU project involving the analysis of quality parameters of wild and farmed fish.


He is also editing a book with his colleague Prof Tony Taylor, head of the Food Research Centre at ULH, entitled ‘Fish Processing: Nutraceuticals, Science and Technology’.


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