8th September 2000




An exciting opportunity to join an expedition to central Africa is being offered by the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


A planned exploration of the remote Nyika National park in Malawi will take place next summer and will play an important part in understanding the diversity of species in the region.


The hand-picked team of university staff and students will be decided by Peter Overton of Biosearch Nyika and Dr Dorothy Gennard from the university’s faculty of Social and Life Sciences.


They will work in small groups alongside game scouts in one of the great wilderness areas of Central Africa.


Rare species inhabit the region which comprises forest, grassland, mountain streams and wetlands.


The information gathered by the university team will be used by the department of  national parks and wildlife in Malawi to help them with conservation management of the area.


“This rugged terrain will be a real challenge both physically and for the group as a whole,” said Mr Overton. “It will give the team the chance to develop research skills at the cutting edge of discovery but without the use of complex scientific equipment.”


The resulting scientific report will greatly benefit everyone involved in their future careers - it is  real opportunity for anyone with an interest in species who has four weeks to spare next summer.


It is hoped the expedition will be a pioneering enterprise for the university and will be repeated in the years to come. Applicants will be interviewed to gauge their suitability for the expedition, which will require a great deal of mental and physical effort.




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