23rd March 2000




A leading academic at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside admits he’s “surprised and delighted” to have been elected chairman of an important group which encourages distance learning across Europe.


Dr Terence Karran now chairs the Platform Group of the European Study Centres of EADTU (the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities), which has its headquarters in Heerlen in the Netherlands.


The Platform Group comprises one representative from each of the distance teaching associations or open universities in each of the European Union nation states. It is the executive policy and decision-making organisation for over 60 different study centres spread across Europe, from Aarhus to Vienna.


“I’m honoured and surprised to have been elected, I must admit,” said Dr Karran, who is Acting Director of the university’s Centre for Access and Lifelong Learning in Hull.


“I was nominated by the Finnish representative and seconded by the Austrian representative, but no-one else decided to stand against me, so I was elected unanimously at the latest meeting in Barcelona.


“It’s very unusual for someone who is not from one of the national distance teaching Open Universities, like the OU in the UK or the UNED in Spain, to be elected to the chair, so I was surprised and pleased.”


The EADTU is a pan-European affiliation of universities and other educational institutions committed to the expansion of distance teaching and open learning across Europe.  Dr Karran will take up his formal duties as chair of the group at the next EADTU International Conference at the Sorbonne in September 2000.


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