Piccap: At the University of Mugla, Turkey.

21st June 2000




Social Anthropology students have returned from a trip to Turkey and Greece where they examined the cultural and religious differences of the two countries.


Ten undergraduates from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, half of them American exchange students, visited the two deeply religious countries as part of their religion and ethnicity module.


Lecturer Tricia Emptage flew with the students to Bodrum in Turkey where they spent a week touring mosques, local villages and a university at Mugla.   


“The trip was a great opportunity for our students to compare the Greek Orthodox religion and culture with Muslim Turkey,” said Tricia.


“Social anthropology is all about getting out there and experiencing culture first hand and we encourage the students to participate in several overseas visits during their time at ULH.”


During the second week of their hectic schedule the group travelled to the Greek islands of Kos, Lipsi and Patmos where they visited a monastery where John the Baptist is said to have had a revelation.


“Everyone was very friendly, we were even invited to a local wedding!” said Tricia.


Tricia also leads annual visits to Prague and Amsterdam, giving her students a fully rounded cultural view of the people and societies they are studying on campus back in Lincoln.




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