29th March 2000




Academics involved in an world-wide plan to help disadvantaged communities have returned from a forum in Portugal where they shared the success so far of the government-funded Parents and Children Working Together Project.


Don Blackburn and Christine Sutcliffe from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside spent three days in Porto with representatives from a linked Hull Social Services project and their international partners from Portugal and Ireland.


Additional funding from the international Leonardo project, which aims to help bring together groups who are helping disadvantaged young people, has made it possible for project leaders to collaborate, and a website has now been set up to help them share their ideas further.


The Parents and Children Working Together Project, run by the university’s Department of Applied Social Science and Social Work, is currently underway in Endike Primary School, Hull, where parents are improving their own learning aspirations with an IT-based programme.


The ‘Learning to Learn’ project, funded by the government’s Single Regeneration Budget, has already proved a great success at Estcourt Primary School where more than half of the ‘graduates’ have gone onto further education and others are to be trained to help more parents.


The aim of the university project is to use computer technology to help raise aspirations in parents who may have missed out on opportunities when they were at school - in the hope that this will then lead to an improvement in their own children’s aspirations.


“The project is part of a much wider international proposal to help young people in disadvantaged communities,” said Christine Sutcliffe, who manages the ‘Learning to Learn’ project with colleague Joe Waller. “We went to Portugal to share our ideas and learn from the other projects - it’s about sharing good practice.”


Hull’s young people’s support unit has used funding from Hull Social Services to set up a one-stop shop for 15-18 year-olds in Hull, to help them with housing, educational and financial difficulties.




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