12th November 1998


Four students at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside will become the first in the UK to graduate with an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Education Management specifically designed for business managers in schools (bursars).


Tim Ellis, Everette Maynard, Liz Wood and Sue Whyler have all successfully completed the course - believed to be the only one of its kind in the country - and will graduate at Lincoln Cathedral in July 1999.


The idea of the two-year course, which is taught at the Lincoln campus of the University of Lincoln, is to provide support to bursars who are employed to manage schools alongside head teachers.


“We’re looking for leaders for the 21st century,” commented Fergus O’Sullivan, the course director. “Many of our students come into the course wanting to be more effective managers, but they go out of it with a passion for supporting learning in schools.”


The course has been running since October 1996 and currently boasts sixty-one students, originally from the grant-maintained state sector but increasingly from LEA, Independent and now Special Schools. “This year the first bursar from the independent sector will graduate,” said Mr O’Sullivan, “and we are looking to develop the course more for these new sectors.”


The International Educational Leadership Centre at the Lincoln campus, which offers the MBA course, is also the only university body to be conducting research into the role of school bursars, and it will publish the first book on the subject next September.

“Because there’s nobody else working with them the bursars themselves have been very keen when we’ve asked to interview or observe them,” said Mr O’Sullivan. “They’ve been very generous in confiding with us about the issues and difficulties are in working with head teachers and governors.”


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