1st November 2000




Has the end of the Cold War brought a ‘peace dividend’ to both east and west, or is world peace under threat just as much as it was twenty years ago?


That’s a question which experts and academics will hope to answer at the second annual Human Rights, Human Development Fair in Lincoln next weekend.


The University of Lincolnshire & Humberside will play host to the event on Saturday 11th November 2000, when the key theme of the proceedings will be ‘Has There Been a Peace Dividend?’


Activities will include a ‘Stamp Out Torture’ campaign workshop led by Sue Wall of Amnesty International (10am), a presentation by Young Carers (after 11am), a talk on the work of MENCAP by European Human Rights Officer Gail Stewardson (12.40pm) and a lecture and discussion entitled ‘The Role of the Military in the 21st Century’ with the Rev Henry Jansma.


The day-long event, which is free to participants, is expected to end at 3pm.


To book your place please contact Dennis Finlayson or Sian Marshall at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside on 01522 886206.


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For more information contact:


Jez Ashberry

Press and Media Relations Manager

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