13th October 1999





A former director of Amnesty International will make the keynote speech at a major conference on human rights at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside next week.


Paul Oestreicher will deliver a lecture on ‘Human Rights - Human Development - Human Right’ on Friday 22nd October to kick off a new event which coincides with United Nations Day (24th October).


Paul Oestreicher was one of the founding fathers of Amnesty International and a major figure in the human rights movement of the twentieth century.


“We’re really pleased to have him here,” said Dennis Finlayson of the university’s Centre for Applied Development Studies. “He’s an historic figure and probably the ideal person to start this process off. We’re hoping that this conference will establish an annual human rights event each September.


“We aim to have similarly important figures at future events and increasing numbers of organisations involved,” Mr Finlayson added. “We also want to encourage the involvement of students new to Lincoln and members of the public.”


Mr Oestreicher will speak in the Vice Chancellor’s annex on the Lincoln campus at 7.30pm on Friday 22nd October. Events planned for the following day include an exhibition by local voluntary organisations (from 10am) and a series of workshops on children’s rights, special needs and mental health issues and refugees and ethnic issues (10.30am until 3pm).


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You may wish to interview Jim Craven of Cuba Solidarity on 01400 230151.


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For more information contact:


Jez Ashberry

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University of Lincolnshire & Humberside (tel: 01522 886042)