Pranks & Interventions Tricks Pranks & Interventions  is the theme of

this years international ROOT festival of live and media art.  To lead up

to this and also to complement the Hull International Short Film Festival;

 Hull Screen in collaboration with  The Hull School of Art & Design

(University of Lincolnshire & Humberside), Hull Time Based Arts and Canada

House  is pleased to present  this season of short historical and

contemporary programmes. Films and tapes that  trace artists' use of the

cinema as a site for filmic interventions, their links and influences.

(Rob Gawthrop.)


(The programme for this season is unconfirmed please check with box



 October 5th 7.30

Tricks Pranks & Interventions

Programme One: Entertainment, outrage and provocation.

Early trick films, slapstick, Dada & Surreal classics, protest animation

and political metaphors.


An Interesting Story. James Williamson 1905 (GB)                  

A House Divided. Alice Guy 1913 (Fr)            

Barney Oldfield's Race for Life.            Mack Sennett   1914 (USA)                

Entracte. René Clare 1924 (Fr)                                    

Un Chien Andalou. Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali 1928 (Fr/Sp) 

Hell Unlimited.  Norman McClaren & Helen Biggar       1936 (GB)

Rat Life and Diet  in North America. Joyce Wieland      1968 (Can)                 

New Improved Institutional Quality: In the Environment of Liquids and

Nasals a Parasitic Vowel Sometimes Develops.  George Landow (Owen Land)

1976 (USA)                
                                                                  October 12th 7.30 Tricks Pranks & Interventions

Programme Two: Atmosphere. UK/Canadian Video Exchange 2000 Curated by

Stefan St-Laurent Recent video works by emerging Canadian artists.

 Theory.Leslie Peters 1998

Master F (there are people who)  Karma Clarke Davis 1998

Buffalo Bone China  Dana Claxton

Falaise Karin Haze 1999

Call Waiting Rodrigue Jean 1998

Time Passes  Nelson Hendricks 1998

OzonePeter Gmehling 1999     


October 19 th 7.30

Tricks Pranks & Interventions

Programme Three: Appropriate Behaviours  

UK/Canadian Video Exchange 2000 Curated by Lisa Steele

Recent Canadian Video art  drawing on memory and imagination.                     

Déjà Vu.  Colin Cambell 1999

Monodrama I'm Not Gary.  Stan Douglas 1991

(loco)motive.  Gunilla Josephson 1999 

Downcast Eyes.  Howie Shia 1999

Riot '98.  Jubal Brown 1998

Gannet  Buriel.  Tom Sherman 1999

Mondrama Dsagree.  Stan Douglas 1991

This is Your Messiah.  Vera Frenkel 1991

Fireball.  Steve Reinke 1999

Alien Kisses.  Dara Gellman 1998

Cheatin' Heart.  Leslie Peters 1999


October  21st  7.28

Tricks Pranks & Interventions

Programme Four (ROOT 2000)

Le Film Est Déjà Commencé ?   Maurice Le Maître 1951 (Fr)

Has the film started? - the Lettrist,  classic rarely seen in this

country.  At its premier in Paris, the cinema queue was bombarded with

rubbish and the audience sprayed with water until  a riot broke out.



Tricks Pranks & Interventions

Programme Five (ROOT 2000)

Fluxus Anthology  1966 (USA)

Including  Yoko Ono's (bottoms) film no 4, John Cale's Police Car, George

Maciunas's Ten Feet, Paul Sharit's Sears Catalogue  and others.            Rose

Hobart. Joseph Cornell 1936/9 USA  The first film made from entirely

appropriated material - East of Borneo starring Rose Hobart dyed lilac

with a Latin-American soundtrack.        Originaly made to please (!)  the

artist's disabled brother this screening now also serves as a tribute to

the actress who died late August at the age of 94. Frauenfilme   Birgit

Hein 1988 Ger A section from the feature length Kali Film  that  is

composed of  sections from exploitation movies.  A homage to the goddess

Kali.                             Eating Drinking Pissing Shitting Film   Kurt Kren  1967 Aus     

Viennese material-action   (and self explanatry) featuring Gunther Brus



Tricks Pranks & Interventions

Programme Six (ROOT 2000)

At the Academy - Guy Sherwin            1974               

Line Describing a Cone - Anthony McCall 1973          

Tape measure  & Surface Tension - William Raban

British expanded cinema from  the 1970s .


(One single normal admission  price  or ROOT pass for  Tricks Pranks &

Interventions programmes 4,5 & 6 )     


Humber Mouth Ear & Eye


A short season to coincide with Humber Mouth ; The Hull Literature

Festival. Words,  poetry,  identity, meaning and its construction are

expressed visually and aurally rather than through illustration or

transcription. (Rob Gawthrop.)


In collaboration with The Hull School of Art & Design  (University of

Lincolnshire & Humberside).


(The programme for this season is unconfirmed please check with box



9th November 7.30

Humber Mouth Ear & Eye 

Programme One


Syntax - Mar ther Haslanger 1974 (USA)

Descriptions of  rooms that have been or are going to be seen but not

what is actually on the screen.                           Writing  on Pink Paper. Liz Rhodes 1982

(GB) Interweaving voices, Music by Lindsay Cooper and Dagmar Krause.                   

Fatima's  Letter. Alia Syed 1992 (GB) A story based upon a letter, spoken

in Urdu but displaced from its subtitles, shot on the London Underground

and relating to a remembered past in Pakistan.               Chant D' amour . Jean

Genet 1950 (Fr) Genet's only film and once banned for its explicit

content.  It is a lyrical evocation of gay passion and romance set in the

solitary wing of a prison.  Of fantasy against repression.                         Towers Open

Fire. William Burroughs & Anthony Balch 1966 (USA/GB) Burroughs

distinctive voice and symbolic images subjected to his own 'cut-up'


16th November 7.30

Humber Mouth Ear & Eye 

Programme Two


The Seashell & the Clergyman. Germaine Dulac 1928 (Fr)Based on a script by

Antonin Artaud featuring Georges & Silvia Bataille (who had been Married

to Jacques Lacan).  A sexually repressed clergyman...... Banned in Britain

as being "so cryptic as to be meaningless. if there is a meaning it is

doubtless objectionable" (British Board of Film Censors) Film. Samuel

Becket (GB) Featuring Buster Keaton (1965) or,  Max Wall (1979).  A man

tries to avoid the camera's eye only to find that it is his own.                                                      

Looking For Langston . Issac Julian 1988 (GB) A celebration of  Langston

Hughes and the black writers and artists that formed the Harlem

Renaissance in the 1920s.  This is a stylised portrait that  also explores

society's barriers against black homosexuality.                          
 American Film

Independents: Ken Jacobs  and Jonas Mekas


Two programmes from the  retrospective of work by Ken Jacobs, plus Jonas

Mekas' hundred and sixty portraits from the  underground film scene.


Active in the American underground in the late 1950s, Jacobs and Mekas

were at the forefront of the experimental film movement (along with Maya

Deren, Shirley Clarke and others) which exploded in New York and across

the world throughout the next decade, liberating cinema from its previous

restrictions and conventions. The season includes The Whirled   featuring

Jack Smith plus other films considered revolutionary for the way they

displayed an entire new cinematic sensibility.


In collaboration with The Hull School of Art & Design (University of

Lincolnshire & Humberside) and The Watershed Bristol.


Programmes two & three  continue in December. (The programme for this

season is unconfirmed please check with box office.)



30th November 7.30

American Film Independents

Programme One


Airshaft, 1967, silent

Urban Peasants, 1975,

Globe,  1969, 22m,

Window, 1964, silent,

Nissan Ariana Window, 1969,  silent


7th December 7.30

American Film Independents

Programme Two


Birth of a Nation,  Jonas Mekas 1997

Music by Wagner and Hermann Nitsch. Voice by Jean Houston.

One hundred and sixty portraits or rather appearances, sketches and

glimpses of avant-garde, independent filmmakers and film activists between

1955 and 1996.


14th December 7.30

American Film Independents

Programme Three

Keaton’s Cops, 1991,  silent

Cops, Edward F Cline & Buster Keaton, 1922,   silent,

The Doctor’s Dream,  1987

The Whirled, 1956-61

Perfect Film,  1985,

Opening The Nineteenth Century: 1896,  1990