Information on graduate placements which could be highlighted as examples of good practice


1) Placement company: Collingwood Court Limited


Norman Court

Collingwood Court Limited

Waterside House

Livingstone Road


HU13 0EG


Telephone: 01482 641009



Management and marketing consultants employing about 8 people.


This company would be a good one to highlight because to date it has taken four graduates on placement.During academic year 1998/9, Richard Phillips and Nicola Crossland went on placement there, with Nicola being offered a permanent job in the area of human resources.More recently, Elizabeth Byass and Andrew McLean have been placed at Collingwood Court, for six months each (with the Higher Education Business Network supporting the initial ten weeks in each case).Elizabeth was offered a permanent marketing position.


Elizabeth Byass, a BA (Hons) Agricultural and Food Marketing graduate of Newcastle University.Her placement lasted ten weeks from 5 July 1999 to 10 September 1999.She was subsequently offered a full-time job with the company.


Placement 2: Andrew McLean, A BA (Hons) Business Studies graduate of the University of East Anglia.His placement lasted from 14 June 1999 to 20 August 1999, though the company actually kept him on for six months in total, including the ten week placement period.



2) Placement company: Nathan Cartwright Academy


Nathan Cartwright

Nathan Cartwright Academy

Unit 3

Hull Business Centre

Guildhall Road

Kingston upon Hull



Telephone: 01482 609369


Model management, marketing, promotions and photography services.


This is a fairly new company, the owner having been one of the first New Deal Self-Employment success stories (this led to him being presented with a certificate by Prime Minister Tony Blair).


Vicky Houldridge, a BA (Hons) Fashion Promotions graduate, was placed there between 12 July and 17 September 1999.Nathan would have liked to have kept her on but, being a new business, couldnít due to cash constraints.However, she did contribute a lot whilst she was there and it might be a good story to highlight (from a business point of view) in terms of benefits received within a ten-week period.


3) Placement company: Two Heads Design & Marketing


Stella Quinn

Marketing Executive

Two Heads Design & Marketing

142 Beverley Road




Telephone: 01482 213728



A design and marketing company employing 8 people.


Andrea Jackson, a BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate from De Montfort University, was on placement there between 18 August and 26 October 1999.She was then offered a full-time job.This was the second time that the company had used the placement scheme, the first being under the previous funding arrangement.


4) Placement company: Tech Spec Ltd


Ann Durrant

Tech Spec Ltd

Unit 3 Beels Road



DN41 8DN


Telephone: 01469 577795



Manufacturer of high quality kitchen and bedroom carcasses


Sarah Airlie completed her HND in Business Studies at ULH in 1999 and has since continued with her studies part-time to take her to degree level.She was on placement with Tech Spec between 13 September and 19 November 1999 and was then offered a permanent job.This would be a good one to highlight because she is still studying with us.


5) Placement company: Carefields Ltd


Mike Sewell

Carefields Ltd

5 Atherton Way

Riverside Industrial Estate


North Lincs

DN20 8AR


Telephone: 01472 840652


Contract formulating and packaging services.


Ramy Ghandour graduated with a BA (Hons) in Marketing for ULH in 1999.He was on placement with Carefields for ten weeks, from 11 October to 17 December 1999, after which time he was accepted onto a scheme which used to be called Frontiers, and went to America to work on a marketing project.I donít know whether we can make anything of this or not as it would be difficult to get a photo of him (I donít know his address in America although I do have his parentsí address in Grimsby).However, he would be a good example of a ULH graduate who was finding it difficult to get a job, then went on a work placement and then found an excellent opportunity in America - a combination of skills learned at ULH and work-based experience?Mike at Carefields would probably be more than happy to say something positive about Ramyís time there.


6) Placement company: Jenko Graphics


Colin Wilson

Jenko Graphics Limited

Colour Centre

21 Hessle Road

Clive Sullivan Way

Kingston upon Hull



Telephone: 01482 325893



A graphic design company with 10 employees.


Emma Platt graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.She was offered a permanent job after her placement finished because the company was so pleased with her.



7) Placement company: Banks-Cooper Associates Ltd


Simon Banks-Cooper

Banks-Cooper Associates

St James House

24-30 St James Street

Kingston upon Hull



Telephone: 01482 322260


An accountancy firm providing support to a range of SMEs.


Banks-Cooper Associates took a graduate on placement between 8 November 1999 and 14 January 2000.He was a Hull University graduate and the intention was for him to stay with the company after the ten-week period, as Simon was going to support him to study for the CIMA (professional accountancy qualification).However, after ten weeks the graduate decided that accountancy was not really for him and moved out of the area.Simon then took on another graduate - Hugo Bjergfelt, BSc (Hons) Accounting, University of Hull - and it is hoped that he will stay on after the ten weeks and eventually become a qualified accountant.This might be a good story because I think that Hugo is studying for the CIMA course at ULH.Simon himself was a Hull University graduate and subsequently set up his own accountancy practice.


8) Placement company: BWB Training Ltd


Bernard Piper

BWB Training Ltd

50 Ryde Avenue




Telephone: 01482 473377



A local training company dedicated to providing high quality training to local people and effective business services to local commerce and industry.


John is one of our graduates - BA (Hons) Media.He graduated in 1999 and was unsure of where to go next.He was a mature student and so has a variety of skills and life experiences, including writing and recording music and playing in a band.His placement was with BWB Training Ltd and only recently finished (4 February).He worked on redesigning their company literature and they were very happy with him, although due to funds and workload were not able to offer employment.This might be a good story because it concerns a mature graduate.John now has a much better focus on his career direction and has gained a lot of extra experience.

9) Placement company: Sensor Electronics Limited


Lee Watters, Jacquline Snee and Patrick Kerr


Trevor Pybus

Sensor Electronics Limited

Sensor Enterprise Park


HU17 0RH


Telephone: 01482 861269



Portable security company.

ďSensorís portable detection systems are now an important part of many security schemes in military and commercial applications.Ē


Trevor has already said that he would be happy to help with any publicity.He has taken on three graduates: their placements started 1 February (due to finish 10 April).Lee and Jacqueline are working on a marketing project, whilst Patrick is concentrating on design.Jacqueline graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 1995 with a degree in Psychology.She then went travelling around Turkey.Lee graduated with a degree in Art and Design with Marketing Communications (University College of Northampton).Patrick studied at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle (BA (Hons) Design for Industry).Trevor has taken three graduates and is a good example of a company willing to give people a chance and see what they have to offer.He has not just looked at their degree subjects and the fact that they have no relevant work experience but has been more open-minded.