Dame Pat Collarbone  prominent member of the team who devised 

the new national staff college for school principals  - has also

served on the government established team to 'rescue' Hackney

(for which she got the Damehood. Is Director of the London

Leadership Centre. Pat and Mike Billingham were two of the first

students to be taught in the Brayford Building in August 1996

before the undergrads came - we joke that they started their

doctorate when there wasn't a book in the building - we did their

course on the first day the doors opened - no library, no catering,

only one room with furniture! 020 7 612 6617


Mike Cook  is at Lancaster University - I think he is Dean (?)  of

Nursing Studies - his doctorate studies have taken him to Australia

and other places

01524 384413


Jim Smith

 finished his doctorate just after retiring as a headteacher - used it to

establish for a new career as consultant - 01768 897017


Linda Billingham - is collecting the degree for her husband, Mike, 

who died of leukeamia last year just before completion - he

struggled with the illness throughout the degree - in and out of

hospital - taking his lap top into hospital etc He was Deputy

Director of the London Leadership Centre throughout this time as

well as doing voluntary work for the Admiralty - a shining example

of how to strugglet hrough. 01525 872321