21st February 2000



A unique project to raise awareness of how the design of new buildings can help to reduce crime will be launched in Hull this week.


‘Designing Out Crime’, a collaboration between the Hull School of Architecture and Humberside Police, will be launched at a national conference at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside on George Street on Friday (25th February).


Among the features of the initiative are a one-day workshop, specialist seminars and a new postgraduate qualification offered by the university.


Architecture lecturer George Clark is working with the police to help teach those in the construction industry exactly how the design of the built environment can affect crime levels.


“The security of people in and around buildings is a major issue which has assumed a high profile in the last few years,” said George.


“The way in which the built environment is designed can have a major influence on security, but few designers receive any formal education in that particular area.”


Also on offer during 2000 will be:


·     a new weekend postgraduate course, ‘Security in the Built Environment’, beginning in the first week of February

·     further seminars, courses, lectures and workshops throughout the spring


Inspector Mervyn Bishop of Humberside Police welcomed the joint initiative. “All too often criminals are assisted by poor security design,” he said. “Designers of buildings have a unique opportunity to influence crime by building in crime reduction principles at a very early stage.


“We look forward to our new partnership with the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside in assisting with training and see this as a positive contribution to reducing crime within the community.”