15th November 2000




We’ve all had a visit from the Jehovah’s Witnesses offering to show us their latest magazine…


But you’ve probably never had a visit from a Christian offering to do your washing up for you!


That’s just what enterprising Christians at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside are up to this weekend.


Volunteers from the university’s Christian Union will blitz the halls of residence in Lincoln on Saturday armed only with a bottle of Fairy and a pair of marigolds.


The students posted notices around the campus on Monday offering a free washing up service to untidy students in halls.


And by Wednesday all the available slots had been taken up by those students who couldn’t face the mountains of pots in the kitchen.


“It’s really cool!” said Helen Angus, president of the Christian Union, who has organised the one-off service. “We didn’t expect much of a response but within 24 hours we were inundated with requests.


“Around sixteen of us will spend all of Saturday going round the apartments and washing up for 21 students who asked us to help them out.”


“We want to go out and show people that we’re willing to help out in any way possible,” said Helen, who promised that her volunteers would not discuss religion unless they were asked to.


“Those are the kinds of rumours that we’re trying to break down,” she insisted. “We’re just ordinary students like the rest of them and we’re not going to bring up religion unless they do.”


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For more information on this press release contact:

Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

University of Lincolnshire & Humberside (tel: 01522 886042)


To contact Helen Angus phone 07833 396504.