7th December 1999



Three lecturers from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside have got

together to write a book on the changing role of bursars in schools and

their future in the education system.


Fergus O'Sullivan, Prof Angela Thody and Elizabeth Wood are all part of

ULH's International Educational Leadership Centre at the Lincoln campus.

Mr O'Sullivan leads the first MBA programme in the country for bursars.


'From Bursar to School Business Manager' examines the present

situation of bursars within the school system and how the job is no

longer perceived as just being about making the books balance.


Bursars are now becoming fully integrated members of school

management teams and the book provides a practical resource for all

those working in the education sector.


Professor of Educational Leadership Angela Thody is also the Research

Director in the Faculty of Business and Management at ULH. Prof Thody has

published numerous books and articles and is the first female president of

the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management.


Fergus O'Sullivan is Director of Bursarship Development and lectures

widely in the UK. Alongside Prof Thody, he is joint director of the IELC's

research project on school educational resource management.


Elizabeth Wood is a researcher in the IELC and has also published

articles and presented conference papers. She has completed the MBA

in Education Management programme for bursars and is currently

investigating the role of bursars in schools.




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