1 March 1999




A city lecturer is looking for babies to take part in research to help psychologists further understand how the brain develops in the earliest months of life.


Kerstein Meintz has done similar extensive research into this area of child development at Oxford University for the past two and a half years. She is one of the most recent recruits to the Lincoln campus of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, where she lectures in Child Development in the Psychology Department.


“We understand very little about how language develops so quickly in a child, and this experiment will take us further down the road to this understanding,” said Kerstin.


“Children have incredible learning spurts, going from recognising sounds and images to putting sentences together in just a few months. “


The research will involve 25 to 30 babies in an experiment to test their reactions to certain sounds and images.


Sitting on their parent’s lap, the babies will be put in front of a screen split into two. Each side shows an image such as a cat and a dog - if the child looks at the image it show that he or she recognises it.


Other studies will include listening and rhythm, with the aim of finding out which images connect with which words to develop language even in very young children.


Recent research has shown that even babies can discriminate between different breeds of dog - if it is an unusual one such as a pug they refuse to look at it.


If you would like your baby to take part in the research, contact Kerstin on ~~~~

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