A principal lecturer has been selected to receive one of the greatest academic honours of the European Union.


Pamela Barnes is one of just a handful of academics to be awarded a  chair from the Jean Monnet Project by the European Commission following a rigorous selection process.


To receive the prestigious award Mrs Barnes had to devote all of her teaching time to European integration, and she will now join a panel of experts who are called upon to act as advisors for the European Commission.


Her husband, Prof Ian Barnes, also a ULH lecturer, was awarded a chair from the Jean Monnet Project in 1997 as a Professor of European Integration.


As part of her appointment Mrs Barnes had to submit a proposal for a community project and following her success will set up a series of seminars and discussions on European integration involving local community groups. 


Mrs Barnes was one of just seven Jean Monnet chairs appointed this year in the United Kingdom.


Another aspect of the University’s involvement in the Jean Monnet Project is as part of a successful consortium bid to develop an East Midlands Regional Centre of Excellence in the study of European integration.


The Jean Monnet Project is named after one of the founding fathers of the European Union.