20th July 1999

Why some seaside resorts are suffering from declining numbers of holidaymakers will be the subject of a European funded research project by the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


The transnational project will explore the current trends in tourism on the North Sea coast of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in a bid to identify the factors causing problems for the economy.


Over two years Tourism lecturer Adrian Bull and his colleagues will take a look at factors which might be causing the declining interest in some traditional seaside resorts and the conflicts which can arise between tourists and local people.


The research will also involve Butlins holiday centre in Skegness.


Documenting the history and development of seaside tourism, the project will compare different approaches internationally to planning and integrating tourism with other aspects of the community.


The university is working in collaboration with partner institutions and county councils in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.


“The development of seaside resorts in England is quite different from the experience on the continent so it is interesting to compare notes and try to learn from each others mistakes,” said Mr Bull.