19th May 2000




Mettra Auckland’s life has changed completely since she left a nun’s order, took up the tuba and started a degree at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


Mother of two Mettra, aged 53, became a nun aged 16, but left the order eight years later when she realised it wasn’t the life for her.


Now studying Social Anthropology and Social Policy at the Lincoln campus, Mettra gained the confidence to get into higher education last year by learning to play the tuba.


“I never thought I could do a degree - it never entered my head that I was capable of such a thing,” said Mettra, who lives on Shakespeare Street, Lincoln. “But I proved to myself that I could achieve things when I decided to have a go at learning to play a musical instrument in my son’s band in Lincoln.”


Having passed all her first year exams Mettra is testament that higher education is accessible to anyone who has the mind to give it a try.


“I’m having a brilliant time and now I’ve decided that when I graduate I will become a teacher in adult education so I can show other people that they can do it too,” she added. “If I can do it anyone can!”


Taster sessions taking place during Adult Learners Week at the Lincoln campus are:

·      An Introduction to Law, Saturday 20th May, 3pm.

·      Mastering the Internet, Monday 22nd May, 6pm - 7.30pm.

·      E-Commerce and Information Systems, Tuesday 23rd May, 6pm - 7.30pm.




Note to reporters

Mettra can be contacted on 01522 568921.


Sam Hendley, Press Officer. Tel: 01522 886042.