31st October 2000




Connoisseurs of the unusual are looking forward to the opening of ‘Humber Mouth Ear & Eye’, a short season of films to coincide with ‘Humber Mouth’, the Hull literature festival.


“The season will showcase films in which words, poetry, identity, meaning and its construction are expressed visually and aurally rather than through illustration or transcription,” said Rob Gawthrop of the Hull School of Art and Design which is staging the event in collaboration with Hull Screen.


The first programme, to be screened on Thursday 9th November, includes:


·                   ‘Syntax’ (Marther Haslanger, USA, 1974) – descriptions of rooms that have been or are going to be seen but not what is actually on the screen


·                   ‘Writing on Pink Paper’ (Liz Rhodes, GB, 1982) – interweaving voices with music by Lindsay Cooper and Dagmar Krause


·                   ‘Fatima’s Letter’ (Alia Sayed, GB, 1992) – a story based on a letter, spoken in Urdu but displaced from its subtitles and shot on the London Underground but relating to a remembered past in Pakistan


·                   ‘Chant d’Amour’ (Jean Genet, Fr, 1950) – Genet’s only film, once banned for its explicit content; a lyrical evocation of gay passion and romance set in the solitary wing of a prison


·                   ‘Towers Open Fire’ (William Burroughs and Anthony Balch, USA/GB, 1966) -  Burroughs’ distinctive voice and symbolic images subjected to his own ‘cut up’ method


The showings will begin at Hull Screen in Albion Street at 7.30pm on Thursday 9th November. The season concludes on Thursday 16th November. For more details about the season contact Hull Screen on 01482 327600.



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