13th October 2000




Sculptor Joanna Mowbray has arrived back in Hull from Jerusalem where she had an exhibition in a Palestinian gallery just before the recent violence erupted.


Joanna, from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, is planning to return to Israel in December when she will be staging a performance work in Tel Aviv, providing circumstances are still appropriate.


My work is not an overt political commentary - I believe art is political in its own right, says Joanna, who teaches fine art in the School of Art & Design, where she is a Reader in Sculpture and Fine Art.


The artist, who creates her work in her own studio and workshop facility, in Huddersfield, is hopeful that the project will still go ahead despite the escalating tension in Israel.


She will be accompanied by film and video artist George Saxon and phonic artist Helmut Lemke who are also working on the project and teach at ULH.


Its difficult at the moment with the tragic events unfolding in Palestine and Israel during these projects I have worked both Palestinian and Israeli artists.


The exhibition in east Jerusalem is taking place in a Palestinian art centre, while the next project will be staged in Tel Aviv and will attract a mainly Israeli audience.


Joannas exhibition at the Al-Wasiti Art Centre was funded by the university. The centre was established to support Palestinian artists and set up cross-cultural dialogue with artists internationally.


During her stay Joanna gave a lecture at the AM Qatam Foundation in Ramallah, Palestine.


The next performance project is the result of the initial collaboration between Joanna, choreographer Andrea Buckley and Israeli performace artist Irit Bluzer, with the commissioning of music, phonic art, and video and film.




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