27th September 2000




University nurse Helen Beecroft is retiring from her post at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside on Friday after 19 years of caring for thousands of students.


Helen, from Murrayfield Road, Hull, is planning a three-week trip to Cyprus in January with retired husband Gordon.


“I’ve really enjoyed working with the students and I’ll miss being around the young people – they help keep me young!” said Helen, 60, who has two children, Susan and David, who live nearby.


In the early days of the health centre at what was then the Hull College of Higher Education, Helen and her fellow nurses worked at the Inglemire campus which is now closed. They not only treated coughs and colds but admitted students into the university’s own infirmary.


Doctors also visited the health centre on a daily basis, caring for the patients and treating students’ aches and pains on site.


“In those days all students were registered on campus with doctors and we were very busy – we don’t have so many now because students register elsewhere,” said Helen, who works part-time.


The health centre is now part of Southcoates House on the Cottingham Road campus – its home since 1988.


Together Helen and Margaret Scurr, the full-time nurse, still care for approximately 1,000 students every year.




A picture will be available by e-mail tomorrow (28th Sept).


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