29th August 2000




A gaggle of media types arrive on campus hoping to get some shots of Gwyneth Paltrow’s legendary 55-foot trailer arriving at the university. Two TV crews stand around getting cold and are plied with tea provided by the university’s marketing department. No sign of Gwyneth.


Word arrives via mobile phone that the location manager has just left Lancaster. Anticipation levels drop. No sign of Gwyneth.


Sandwich vans begin to arrive on campus amid tight security. No sign of Gwyneth.


In desperation TV crews interview the university spokesman ad nauseam.


Gwyneth’s 55-foot trailer arrives looking suspiciously shorter than anticipated. Still no sign of Gwyneth.

12 noon

Aaron Eckhart, co-star and all-round dish, arrives chauffeur-driven on campus and begins his pre-performance exercise regime (skipping). Still no sign of Gwyneth.


Gwyneth sneaks in unnoticed but is spotted on the threshold of her trailer looking radiant (well, quite ordinary, actually). Goes into make-up in readiness for shooting at the railway station.


The film crew is mobbed by a media scrum at the railway station as four TV crews and six paparazzi vie for shots of Gwyneth. All is calm at the university while the cast are on set. TV crews interview the university spokesman again, just for good measure.


University staff are forced to leave work without further glimpses of the stars. All is set for tomorrow - the first day of shooting on campus.


- - - - - - -


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