30th August 2000






Bleary-eyed extras arrive on campus. Everyone is surprised to see huge white balloon hanging from Atrium ceiling.


Free breakfast and coffee provides an early energy boost for the extras who then wait patiently in one of the lecture theatres for ‘the call’.


Gwyneth arrives on campus. Car is shortly followed by pie van (?). Extras stand around waiting to start.


More standing around. Pies turn out to be destined for university canteen. Huge white balloon turns out to be part of lighting set-up rather than alien invasion as speculated. Catering van seen to contain v. ordinary hotdog buns.


Cameras and huge lights set up on floors above the atrium. Staff try to dodge from office to loo to office without getting in director’s way.

12 noon

Standing around developing into main theme of day.  Filming takes place on the stairs in the Atrium. Hungry staff munch their lunches in silence as the filming continues around them. Despite being full of film crew, extras and staff the Atrium has never been so quiet!


After nearly 2 hours filming on the stairs the cast and extras take a welcome break for lunch.


Back on set and back on the stairs!

Staff get used to tiptoeing around the building and finding alternative routes so as not to disturb the stars.


Scene One is now completed after a whole day’s rehearsal and filming. While university staff go home the extras can look forward to several more hours on set and another early start tomorrow!



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